Statement of Purpose Sample for Masters and PhD Students 2021-Study Plan Example for Masters & PhD

My study goal is to gain big knowledge within a particular specified area of Electrical Engineering. Having seven years of education in the Electrical Technology fields, I have decided to other my education in the same field and applied for a Master’s Degree program in Electrical Engineering. This degree will give me an in-depth knowledge of the specific field and cover my way for the future. It will polish my above knowledge and further inform me about the field. Having sound knowledge in the field and from a well-respected organization has its own impact. Therefore, I want to pursue a Masters’s degree in Electrical from a well-respected organization in China. It seems the best possible risk for me to study in China with the Chinese research team. Studying in China will provide me with an opportunity to work on the project and learn about new original ideas in the field. After completion of my master‚Äôs degree program, I hope it will give me great help in my future profession.

NOTE: mentioning a selected university, make your plan more professional.

I have plans to improve my education and follow a doctorate in the very same province. Getting a master’s degree program from such a recognized institution like a University name will open ways for me to think about my future program and special field. My Research Interest:  you can skip this part, for MS admission I wrote this way and I submit, Electrical engineering is a big field, but I am interested in the following field of electrical engineering. (here you write according to your bachelor’s degree program final year project). On the basis of my final year project experience during my bachelor’s degree program, I would bring to do specialization in speed control of the selection method as my first precedence.NOTE: add in 2 lines what you want to other in that specific area) [show your interest in any basic area of the major u r applying for. on the second precedence, I am interested to work in the Electrical Power system and its Automation. Reason Power giver continuously faces problems to bring to costs and good productivity. we need to make a smart setup that can collect and communicate information. Automation is defined as the use of machines bring to human efforts to complete a work. It helps in upgrade overall system productivity and the time needed to do a task is reduced. Power system Automation can be defined as managing, saving, and controlling an electrical power system. Real-time information is acquired from systems having local and remote control applications with advanced power system defense. Moreover, Power systems need to manage an increasing number of control fork in the global smart gauze background. It makes it important to build a strong intelligent power gauze construction. Power transmit automation system certainly takes charge of smart gauze construction as one of the significant concern part power system automation.Check, Letter of Recommendation Sample 2021 || Letter of Recommendation Template 2021

My Educational Background:

I had completed my [degree name] from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan in July 2016 with CGPA [……]. I did course projects during the four years of study independently as well as in a group which created in my self-confidence as well as the ability to work in a team environment. During my stay at IIUI, I was honor with many awards for my great academic record. Before my engineering degree, I pursued three years of technical education in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology with 70% marks.I am a socially active person with a friendly nature, I always feel delighted when I meet people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures. I will always be happy and give happiness to others.
I always like peace and love in our society, I will always be happy and give happiness to others.
Work/Internship: [if u have any otherwise skip]

I worked as a trainee engineer at Pakistan electric supply company for one month and I gained practical knowledge about the operation and maintenance of grid systems, testing of grid equipment, etc. For two months I worked in NTDCL (high voltage and short circuit testing laboratory). This technical work is a part of my engineering which was very helpful for me.

The youth eruption in China has provided its country with the second biggest economy of today. For the past few decades, guidelines implemented by China have been successful at an amazingly high rate and have taken the country to a new level of becoming the next superpower surpassing the United States of America. Pakistan enjoys a relationship with China right from the institution of the People’s Republic of China and has played a vital role in granting her a new status. China Pakistan Economic hallway has especially increased the positive relations between the two countries. Ever since the project has been approved, my ambition to visit China has expanded at a larger pace. Acceptance, friendship, love, and peace with each other would make China my second homeland. I live with Chinese students of Chinese at my university. They are very friendly and caring people. Along with these reasons, huge scholarships being offered by the Chinese government have opened a window for destitute students from third world countries like me. I want to utilize my talent but financial constraints obstruct my way of doing so. I see this opportunity as a Golden one and I will be happy to provide any additional information you may need.

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